Please contact Jana for any billing questions at (406) 449-5595 .


We ask that you assume responsibility for all charges at the time of service within these guidelines:

  • We bill all primary insurance companies, and will extend credit to patients in good standing for a maximum of 60 days, pending notification from insurance companies.
  • For uninsured patients and new patients we ask that you make a payment of no less than $50 at the time of service. We will then allow up to 30 days from the date our statement is issued for the remaining balance. For new patients, we will bill insurance and refund any credit remaining.

We are certainly sympathetic to patients with significant financial hardship. Please ask to speak to personnel in our billing office to make arrangements, and inquire about Healthy Montana Kids and other programs.


We bill all major primary and secondary insurance companies, including Healthy Montana Kids Plus and other programs, provided all pertinent information is provided.

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